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You can see a full list of the cookies we set on our cookie policy page. In fact, we have evolved as human beings to not only perceive the beautiful world around us, but to appercept it.

This becomes our thread of reality. What a dilemma! The world cannot be saved by one human being, not even by the most powerful and rich 1 percent of human beings. These are power stories. They have always been power stories from timeimmemorial.

We must grow stronger consciously. We can help each other by giving freely our time and attention to lift each other when we falter or fall. When we stand on the plain of our present moment and really see what is in front of us, we are powerful beings. This is a link to some of my early writing and visual storytelling about these ideas.

Indra's net

So, yes, make space for pain. Do not be afraid of the power pain offers. Perhaps this is what victim blamers are really afraid of… the person experiencing pain finding their power making them no longer so easy to control. Finding solutions to things causing pain is absolutely critical. In this collection of jewels, there is also discussion about the power of music.

I write about the power of music in another story I am writing, so I will not wax on about it here. I will simply say our ancestors understood the power of music and how it can inspire action in the minds of individuals and groups. We have forgotten the power that music and dance give us. We have let them become co-opted into the realm of entertainment and money-making. It is so much more than this. It is part of our internal guidance system. Find your song. Find your dance. This is how the universe moves and expresses itself through us. Our magical powers to transform reality rises from inside of us and through us… and it is through our collective action that what rises from inside our minds is made visible through our collective action in the world—this is our shared reality.

I think our ancestors and indigenous people understand how this works and know how to help transmute these powerful emotional states. But, this takes time and skill to understand and most of us in Western Civilization have lost this ability. However, Medicine men and women around the world still possess it, and known how not helping people navigate these difficult parts of the journey can impact the health not only of the individual suffering but of the entire group. In most modern cultures, we have lost the rituals of transformation that can transmute and balance these negative and destructive energies with their equal and opposite energies.

It is here where we have our power as individuals and as groups in helping each other find and maintain balance so that wisdom can rise and shine brightly. This is all I have time to reflect on right now. We do this by providing our time and attention in whatever capacity we feel called to do and with whatever time we have available to do so.

Time and attention are the most valuable resources in the universe. It really is all we need to be powerful narrators of our personal stories, which of course become a part of the collective story of Earth.

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  • After writing this, I came upon readings and conversations about the importance of emptiness. I quite frankly did not understand how absolutely essential emptiness is when I wrote the above. I intend to write more about it when I have time, but for now I must devote most of my attention to finishing editing the story I began 7 years ago almost to this day for I remember first finding the thread to the story I have been writing ever since late one September afternoon—this story is Sapience.

    And so I leave you only with a quote from Carl Jung whom I was reading and finally understood the power and importance of emptiness.

    Indra’s Net: All is One, One is All

    For Indians , living in the lower half of the Northern hemisphere , the world was regarded as a mountain, around which the sun travelled on its daily course. This revolution constituted one of the fellies of the wheel of Time , and designated the northern axis as the universal axis, sometimes called the world column, or "spine" skambha.


    Conceptually, the "vertical world axis", understood previously as the un-fatiguable, eternal master of mortality , gave way to " Time , the emptiness of all phenomenality". It is called Indra's Net. When Indra fashioned the world , he made it as a web, and at every knot in the web is tied a pearl. Everything that exists , or has ever existed, every idea that can be thought about, every datum that is true—every dharma , in the language of Indian philosophy—is a pearl in Indra's net.

    Not only is every pearl tied to every other pearl by virtue of the web on which they hang, but on the surface of every pearl is reflected every other jewel on the net. Everything that exists in Indra's web implies all else that exists. From Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia.